Customer impressions

Ms. T・O

Q What were you worried about?

A Should I remain an individual or be a legal entity based on my current income and other conditions? Also, I was worried about the merits and demerits of establishing a corporation that I thought about, and whether there were any major omissions.

Q How did you find out about this service?

A I was looking for a tax accountant who could consult with me to solve the above on the internet or by introducing an acquaintance. At first, I was looking for a tax accountant who was strong in real estate, but I felt that my scale was too small to fit, so as a tax accountant near Osaka who seems to be familiar with the formation of a freelance corporation (other than real estate). I found the homepage by searching the net.

Q Did you know about this service and apply immediately?
If not, what would you have been worried about?

A After seeing the homepage, I considered it for about two weeks and applied for individual consultation. I felt that the threshold was a little high so that even a small person like me could be the other person, so I was looking for a little more.

Q Why did you choose this service among various services?

A Because he was strong in freelance and the price was clear. I thought that the “target person” and “consultation content” on the individual consultation page on the homepage were exactly the same for me. It was also good to say, “I dare to pay and prepare the sixth answer.”

Q How was it when you were actually consulted? Have you been happy, happy, or helpful?

A First of all, thank you for listening to me seriously. It was easy to understand because I went back to the basics and explained what I didn’t know. Also, since it was summarized in PowerPoint, it was easy to understand visually the points that were difficult to understand even if I heard it verbally, such as comparing each tax rate. Lastly, I received the material, so I’m glad I could look back on it later.