Nice to meet you

My name is Yujiro Yamamoto.
It opened independently in November 2016 at the age of 43.

I have been involved in the tax accountant industry since I was 25 years old, focusing not only on corporate accounting and taxation, but also on cash flow management, inheritance and back office management.

I am not a “waiting” tax accountant, but gives advice that looks one step ahead before the customer asks.
As a “comrade” for the management, I help the president realize my vision.
I support those who do so-called “Donburi management”.
Roughly the career.

March 1996 Graduated from university
April 1996 Joined a karaoke equipment sales company
Retired in May 1997
January 1999 Joined tax accountant office
September 2001: Leave the tax accountant office
October 2001-December 2003 Dedicated to tax accountant examination
January 2004 Joined tax accountant office
November 2016 Yujiro Yamamoto Tax Accountant Office opened
In the same month, Consulting Technica Co., Ltd. was established.

Until now

Corporate tax

I undertake operations such as “settlement” and “declaration” of the company.

In addition, we support the management as a “staff” in business management.

I will give you advice on how to manage your business together, such as loan support, accounting efficiency, IT introduction support, and tax-saving measures.

I also support customers who do not have an advisory contract through individual consultation and individual consulting.

income tax

I undertake operations such as “settlement” and “declaration” for freelancers and sole proprietors.

For those who are starting a business from now on, I will tell you not only tax and accounting but also everything that seems necessary for the business.

From the perspective of a tax accountant, I will talk in order from the points that are difficult for the management to notice.

I am trying to create an environment where you can step up one year and one year, such as measures for side businesses (double work), establishment of a company, consideration of incorporation, proposal of family money plan, etc.


Born February 15, 1973 in Akita City, Akita Prefecture, Type A.

I grew up in Osaka (Aikawa / Kamishinjo) and has lived in Osaka since childhood.

I currently lives in Higashiyodogawa Ward, Osaka City.

My hobby is running, and I completed the half marathon in November 2019 and the 30km marathon in October 2021.

I have been trying triathlon since January 2020.

From employment to tax accountant

After returning to Japan from studying in the United States, I aimed to find a job at a trading company that made use of my English ability, but I got a job as a sales position at a karaoke equipment sales company due to the double punch of the employment ice age due to the bursting of the bubble economy and the second baby boom.

I mainly walk to sell machines in the evening business, so I arrive at the office at 13:00 noon and end at 22:00.

However, since it is a business with many complaints, I rarely return at 22:00.

There are many karaoke shops in the water business, and short-circuits around the water, mice biting the line, dust and cigarette smoke caused breakdowns on a daily basis.

If it breaks down, it will literally fly immediately.

While bathing in swearing, I connected the lines with a soldering trowel, and the inside of the suit was soaked with strange sweat.

I also had a meeting from 23:00 and had to deal with the remaining work from 26:00.

I had no hope for a job that I couldn’t see, so I decided to retire in a year and a month.

At that time, I remembered that I enjoyed the bookkeeping I studied while I was in school.

The beginning of my life as a tax accountant was when I searched for an accounting job and got a job at the tax accountant office I found.

However, it was three years later that I decided to become a tax accountant.

While busy with daily work, I went to a vocational school to learn how to write a corporate tax return.

So, to know that passing, you need the technique of hitting a calculator at super high speed and shorthand of almost unreadable legal text.

I thought that there was a distant tax accountant, but it was a turning point in my life that I didn’t run away and went on to the tax accountant examination for more than 10 years.

Places I’ve been to

Where I have lived